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Top 5 Reasons Why Design is Essential to Marketing

Design plays an integral part in establishing a brand for your business in the marketing world. No matter what industry you are in (e.g. restaurant, financial, non-profit, small business, etc.), it is essential that you choose a design that will properly represent your brand, be easily recognized and evoke a positive, memorable response in your target demographic. Understanding the reasons that design is essential to your marketing campaign is the first step in creating the best marketing strategy for your business.

1. The Voice of Your Business. It creates a clear image of your business goals in relation to your customers. Using visual imagery, it reinforces the message that your business wishes to convey. Words are important but can only take you so far in the marketing world. Marketing design will keep the message present in your customers’ minds. If they encounter the image or brand logo again, they will be reminded of what the company stands for, whether it is family values, adventure, innovation, etc.

2. Design Evokes Emotion. It appeals to the human element, dealing primarily with the psychological aspect of business. Quality design appeals to the emotions of potential customers helping them to feel something about what is being advertised. Feelings are essential to triggering memories, so when a potential customer encounters the brand logo or something similar, they will remember the emotions associated with this brand. For this reason, it is important to relate your brand to positive or sentimental emotions in your target audience when settling on marketing designs.

3. Creates Trust. Design is essential to creating a sense of trust between businesses and customers. For example, if a customer has a good experience with a product from a particular brand, then he or she is more likely to consider other products or services under that same brand. The results are similar if a customer has a bad experience. The customer is less likely to purchase any products associated with that particular brand because of the loss of trust in the company.

It is essential that the customer have a positive experience with which to associate the brand. It is extremely difficult to persuade customers to return to a brand once they have lost faith in its ability to meet their needs. Additionally, trust is crucial because word-of-mouth travels quickly. Customers who have had bad experiences with a product or company are more likely to share that experience with others than someone who has had a good experience. It is important to make the good experience so good that they can’t help but recommend you products or services.

4. Creates a Sense of Pride. This is the business equivalent of finding that perfect outfit that makes you feel confident and powerful. A great design will increase your satisfaction with your own products or services and increase your desire to deliver quality to your customers. You will be driven to meet the expectations that your marketing design creates. As a result, you will deliver optimal customer service and increase your customer base. That same confidence trickles down from the top of the business to the lowest level employees. No matter how big or small your business is, the right design can be refreshing to your business and create the excitement you are looking for.

5. Makes You Memorable. As a business, one of your number one goals is to make yourself memorable among your target customers. You want to make them immediately recognize your brand, and an eye-catching, attractive brand design does just that. Simplicity is crucial because branding that is too complicated or busy will quickly lose customer interest. People enjoy things that feel comfortable. They are more likely to gravitate towards the familiar, so the right design will catch their attention and make them feel relaxed and comfortable about purchasing your products and services.

Your branding will play a key role in the success of your business, as it’s the only chance you get at a good first impression. You should put careful thought into how you want your company to be represented. So taking the time in choosing the perfect brand identity for your company will lead you to higher levels of success in the long run.

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